Quality Services

The company is certified by 15/10/98 to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008.

Precision machining

Designing is the first step for a successful outcome precision and quality products.

Cavaglià F.lli benefits from the expertise of specialized technicians who, besides being product designers, also provide customer consultancy. The technicians can rely on the use of the best and the most modern software for mold design such as Visi from Vero Solutions.

In order to identify the ideal zone for the insertion of the injection point gate, as well as to predict possible voids formation, weld lines and warpage, Cavaglià F.lli considers flow analysis to be essential.

Our company is equipped with the Visi-Flow software from Vero Solutions.

The production consist in the manufacture of:

  • Thermoplastic molds
  • Blanking dies
  • Special machinery (for testing and assembling)
  • Small production batches
  • Any other tool

In order to meet customer’s demand, the molds are monitored in each step of their production. The finished molds are provided with the full design and with certified samples.

The machines, the mounting systems, the test stands, as well as any other equipment are supplied on a turnkey basis, together with the “CE” documentation, the use and maintainance manual and the risk analysis.

Cavaglià F.lli is equipped with advanced technologies in terms of metrological instrumentation for dimensional check. All the products will be provided, upon request, with certificates and inspection reports.

The company owns the following software:

  • Autocad 2D
  • Vero Cad-Cam with Visi Flow
  • Metrolog X4

The company’s key element is its prompt customer service.

Specialized technicians offer immediate telephone consultancy, as well as assistance on the field. In case the replacement of a specific part is required to restore production, Cavaglià F.lli engages itself to respond in the shortest possible manufacturing time.