Our History

Cavaglià F.lli was founded in 1979 in a small workshop in Costigliole Saluzzo (CN, Italy).
Ten years later the company moved into a bigger factory in Piasco (CN, Italy). The company developed over 35 years, producing and providing molds, tools, special machinery, assembling systems and prototypes for the Italian and International market in the automotive sector, food industry and medical field. Over the years, our company became specialized in the design and production of plastic injections molds. Innovation, efficiency, quality and assistance are the pillars on Cavaglià f.lli is based. Specialized personnel, expertise and high precision machinery serve as a guarantee of reliability.

Officina Meccanica di Precisione

In our Machining department there are the following machines:

  • N°1 Vertical milling machine DMG Mori DMC 650V
  • N°1 Vertical milling machine Deckel Maho 104 V Linear
  • N°1 Vertical machining center M ZERO
  • N°1 Milling machine RAMBAUDI RAM-MILL
  • N°2 Milling machines RAMBAUDI M3
  • N°1 Lathe WEKTA 250
  • N°1 Lathe GRAZIANO SAG 14
  • N°3 Surface grinder JONES-SHIPMAN 1400 with OPTIDRESS
  • N°1 Tangential grinding machine Favretto TB 70
  • N°1 Grinding Tacchella 612 U

Other tool machines and of metrologycal control, of conventional kind

While in our Erosion department there are:

  • N°1 Wire elettroerosion MITSUBISHI FX 10K
  • N°1 Wire elettroerosion MITSUBISHI FX 20K
  • N°1 Dive elettroerosion ONA DB300
  • N°1 Dive elettroerosion ONA NX4
  • N°1 Dive elettroerosion ONA NX3>
  • N°1 Wire Dive elettroerosion MITSUBISHI FA 10S
  • N°1 Superdrill DF320 CDM Rovella

As for the Moulding department we have:

  • N°1 ENGEL ES 330/75
  • N°1 ENGEL H80/20 HLS
  • N°1 Press Millutensil for check closures mould

In our Metrological department there are:

  • N°1 Machine of tridimensional optic measurement with camera SMARTSCOPE FOV300 (OGP)
  • N°1 Machine of tridimensional optic measurement SWIFT DEA
  • N°1 Programmer CAD- CAM HP for the scheduling of milling machines and erosions
  • N°1 design station CAD with AUTOCAD and VERO VISI-CAD
  • Instruments and tools of conventional measurements